Take advantage of MX’s machinery trader worldwide network, vast marketing ability, and extended network of industrial asset sales experience.

Sell Your Used Machinery and Industrial Assets

Monetize surplus and idle assets quickly and painlessly. MX Machinery buys and sells single machines and entire facilities.
As one of the most active innovative industrial asset sales companies we offer a variety of solutions to monetize your assets:

➤ Outright Purchase
➤ Ongoing Liquidations
➤ Appraisal Services
➤ Customized Surplus Asset Management Programs
➤ Negotiated & Private Treaty Sales
➤ Broker Sales

Our dedicated team of asset management professionals manage various equipment postings from customers in the U.S. and Mexico. ​ MX Machinery is part of a critical mission to keep surplus and idle inventories moving out of facilities nationwide and abroad, maximizing efficiencies while creating valuable cash flow.

Our operations are structured into three distinct areas:

Machinery Sales

Industrial Sales

Surplus Asset Management


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Machinery Trader & Sales

We are one of the leading dealers of used industrial machinery and related assets. If you are looking to buy or sell industrial assets we can help.

If you are buying, you can choose from our large inventory or use our unparalleled database to locate the item you require.

If you are selling, we can make you a cash offer or sell the asset for you using our extensive experience and our highly targeted worldwide marketing strength.

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Industrial Sales

Our tireless dedication to our customers’ goals and needs has made us one of the most reliable sources for buying, selling and remarketing used industrial assets. Once we understand what a customer wants to achieve, a customized plan is presented.

When the customer has reviewed and approved the tailored plan, MX Machinery Industrial Sales moves quickly to execute the plan and deliver industry-best results.

➤ Equipment Appraisals

➤ Ongoing Equipment Liquidations

➤ Outright Cash Purchases

➤ Guaranteed or Commissioned Sales

➤ Facility/Equipment Sale & Leasebacks

➤ Real Estate Acquisitions and Sales

➤ Various Combinations of the above

A small sampling of MX Machinery Industrial Sales sector experience:Call for Your Niche

➤ Automotive
➤ Aerospace
➤ Appliance
➤ Defense
➤ Electronics and PCB

➤ Oil and Gas
➤ Off-Road Construction Equipment
➤ Pharmaceuticals
➤ Plastics

➤ Energy
➤ Railroad
➤ Ship Building
➤ Steel
➤ Wire

Surplus Asset Management

MX Machinery is your surplus asset management specialist. Our customized programs offer you unique, proactive approaches to maximizing return on your company’s surplus, idle or soon to be idle assets. We use our unique global reach to expertly market your assets to a worldwide audience. By combining knowledgeable staff with aggressive, targeted marketing, we are able to find buyers who are willing and able to pay a high price for your used assets.

Pulling from the strengths of each of these business units, we are able to create tailored, flexible, and proven solutions for projects big and small.

Everything from purchasing a few surplus assets from a small shop, all the way to liquidating an entire division of a large manufacturer. At MX Machinery, we strive to not only deliver the industry’s best results but to do so while keeping the client fully informed and comfortable throughout the transaction process. It does not matter if you are a small business or a large manufacturer, you will know exactly what we can and can’t do for you.

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Appraisals of Industrials Assets

Appraisals of used industrial assets are usually one of the first steps in buying and selling used equipment. Accurately calculating the value of used assets through appraisals is essential in this process. At MX Machinery Industrial Sales, our staff of expert appraisers can precisely assess the worth of your used industrial equipment.

We provide high-quality appraisals for your used industrial assets.

Our vast database of values ensures that we can accurately appraise your used industrial assets according to industry standards. Our quality appraisals are fast and affordable.

Our staff of appraisers has numerous years of experience in the used industrial market place. We buy and sell used industrial assets every day, which keeps us on the cutting edge of appraisal values. This expertise is coupled with our familiarity with the requirements of the Financial Services Industry.

Graphic image of various gears and metal machinery parts lined up horizontal

Used industrial asset appraisals by MX Machinery will determine the value of your items based on our large database and extensive experience. We stand behind each appraisal we provide. Whether you need an appraisal for one machine or an entire facility, we have the ability, the staff and the expertise to perform at the highest level for you and your company.

MX Machinery has completed numerous industrial appraisals and valuations for the following purposes:

➤ Asset Transfer or Redeployment
➤ Asset Sale or Purchase
➤ Bankruptcy Requirements
➤ Business Sale or Split Financing or Leasing
➤ Insurance Requirements
➤ Legal Requirements or Litigation
➤ Mergers & Acquisitions

Accurately calculating industrial asset values and used machinery values is an important step in all business processes – make sure you use an expert in industrial asset appraisals and valuations.

We provide institution-quality appraisals for your used industrial assets. Our vast database of used machinery values and transactions ensures that we can accurately appraise your used industrial assets according to industry standards. Our quality appraisals are highly accurate, fast and affordable. We can tailor your valuation and appraisal for your intended use and we can include a variety of values:

➤ Fair Market Value
➤ Fair Market Value In Place
➤ Orderly Liquidation Value
➤ Forced Liquidation Value (commonly called Auction Value)
➤ Replacement Cost of Used Asset
➤ Numerous other customized Values

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MX Machinery welcomes the opportunity to review your specific requirements and goals. We will provide a detailed, flexible, results-driven solution as we have successfully done for thousands of our clients.