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1998 ALLISON 501-KB5S Generators | MX Machinery
Gas Turbine: Rolls Royce Allison Gearbox: Niigata Generator: Toshiba
2012 CATERPILLAR CAT3516B Generators | MX Machinery
Used as emergency generator and has very low hours.
2001 DAIHATSU 6DK-28 Generators | MX Machinery
Built in 2001, the unit consists of four (4) 1500 KW Daihatsu Model 6DK-18, 6-Cylinder engines and 4 units of Nishishiba Generator units, model NTAKL-SE units. Total outpu of 6000 KW.
2016 DENYO DCA-1100SPM Generators | MX Machinery
1) Stopped in January, 2021 2) Manufacturing year: 2016 3) Operation hours: 7225hours /7860 hours / 6203hours 4) There are some spare parts. 5) Maintenance carried out through 2020.
2012 DENYO DCA-600SPK Generators | MX Machinery
Used in very good conditions.
2013 DOOSAN-MAN 9L-21/31 Generators | MX Machinery
2008 DURR ECOCLEAN Washers | MX Machinery

Durr Ecoclean Washer

Stock #: 2184
Used - Good
2013 GE 271R829 Generators | MX Machinery
6 NEW units. Generator electric panels were not originally purchased with the units but if the buyer requires the panels a Brand new Korean made generator panels will be acquired.
2008 GE J620GSF11 Generators | MX Machinery
Made by GE Jenbacher
2013 GEMINI ALTEC LTD GA/E2SL Electric Arc Furnace | MX Machinery
Furnace for Hardening and Tempering of petroleum industry materials. Charged Load: up to 10 tonnes, including bearers. Operating Temperature: up to 12O0°c Temperature Uniformity: +/- 5°c Rapid C...
2009 INTECO 2009 Electric Arc Furnace | MX Machinery
Used 150ton Ladle Furnace Manufacturer: INTECO (Austrian make) Manufacturing year: 2009 Heating Rate: Max. 4~5°C/min. Electrode Type: Premium grade Arm type: Cu-plate Size: D=450 inch(11,430m...
2008 KAWASAKI M1t-23 Gas Turbine Power Plant | MX Machinery
Year of manufacture 2008 Dual fuel: Gas and Oil
2019 KAWASAKI PU3000 Generators | MX Machinery
New, Never Used 2019 Gas turbine generator. Uses A-Bunker Oil.
2005 KAWASAKI GENERATORS L20A Gas Turbine Power Plant | MX Machinery
This 24MW Power Plant is composed of 17MW Gas turbine generator + 7450kW Steam turbine generator + HRSG(Heat Recovery Steam Generator). HRSG uses the hot exhaust gas from the gas turbine and makes...
2014 MAN Diesel & Turbo SE 36 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant | MX Machinery
Unused power plant. Was installed in 2014 but was never used. The plant is capable of using both liquid and gas fuels. Video of the plant is available upon request.
2004 MITSUBISHI 18 KU-30A Generators | MX Machinery
Consisting of two units of Gas engine generator sets. Engine Mitsubishi 18-KU-30A engines and Nishishiba 5700 KW.
1998 MITSUBISHI 18 KU-30A Generators | MX Machinery
39 MW 1998 generator set including 7 units of 5650 KW. Engines are Mitsubishi 18KU30A and the generators are 5650 KW Toshiba 50 Hz. Fuel: C-Bunker, A-Bunker, HFO Unit has roughly 20K hours and sto...
2004 MITSUBISHI KU30GA Generators | MX Machinery
A 30 MW Power plant consisting of 4 x 5500 KW units of Mitsubishi 18KU30GA Natural Gas Engines. Four (4) units of 2005 Nisishiba Generator sets manufactured in 2005 (60Hz, 6,111 kVa, 3-phase). La...
2011 MTU 20V4000 G43 Generators | MX Machinery
Frequency is 60Hz, NOT 50Hz. 2 unit manufacturing year is 2011. 1 unit manufacturing year is 2008.
2011 MTU 12V4000G43 Generators | MX Machinery
Three unused units. 2 x YOM 2011 and 1 x YOM 2008. Sold separately or as a lot.
1995 NKK A-EAF150 Electric Arc Furnace | MX Machinery
(1) 1st EAF: SMS Year: 1995 (2) 2nd EAF: NKK - Year: 1995 (3) Continuous Casting Machine(CCM) x 2 units (4) VD-OB (5) COG
1995 WESTINGHOUSE W50-1D5 Generators | MX Machinery
The plant consists of: 100MW x 5units(=500MW) Gas Turbine Generator +150MW x 2units(=300MW) Steam Turbine Generator (60Hz). Sold as a complete plant or individually.