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The facility was built in 1980 and underwent $20MM upgrade in 2006. The line has a capacity of 200,000 MT/Year in two shifts of operation. Can process sheets of 0.2mm-1.2mm thick with the width of 700-1250mm, Outer coil diameter: 2050mm, Max coil weight: 22,000Kg. Costing Type: Zero Spangle, Finishing Process: CR-Free Chromite


1250mm Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL) Make: Japanese/ Korean Manufacturing year: 1980 (Remodeling and Upgraded year: 2006) Material: Full hard, CR Steel Coil Capacity: 200,000ton/year (2 Shifts) Thickness: 0.2mm-1.2mm Width: 700-1250mm Outer diameter: 2050mm Coating weight: 60-275g/mm² Unit coil weight: 22 ton Coating type: Zero Spangle Finishing process: Cr-free, Chromite Line speed: max.150 mpm <Remodeling / Revamping> Remodeling Year: 2006 1. 20 million USD was spent in remodelling in 2006. 2. Electrical parts including motors and control panel, mechanical parts, Furnace, Zinc pot, etc was remodeled in 2006.Terminal part(Pay off reel) was replaced with Korean make in 2006. 3. Skin pass mill was replaced with a brand new full automation system 4. Electric equipment, Motor: Unicon(U.S.A), Year: 2006 5. PLC: Siemens, Year: 2006 6. Pre treatment equipment was manufactured in 2006 7. Welder was manufactured in 2006 8. Skin pass mill was retrofitted by servo controller in 2017. <Main Equipment List> Shear Welder Make: MHI Skin Pass Mill Make: HITACHI Tension Leveler Make: HITACHI Recoiler Make: HITACHI Melting Furnace: HITACHI Furnace: JUGAI RO(Japan) <CGL Size and Water Consumption> Line length: 180m Total line length: 680m Reason: CGL is made up of 4 floors. 4floors X 180m=around 680m Electricity consumption: 1ton/25kW Water consumption: 300ton/day 100ton/day becomes sewage

1250 mm Continuous Galvanizing Line

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1250 mm Continuous Galvanizing Line
Metal Galvanizing