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1998 ALLISON 501-KB5S Generators | MX Machinery
Gas Turbine: Rolls Royce Allison Gearbox: Niigata Generator: Toshiba
2012 CATERPILLAR CAT3516B Generators | MX Machinery
Used as emergency generator and has very low hours.
2001 DAIHATSU 6DK-28 Generators | MX Machinery
Built in 2001, the unit consists of four (4) 1500 KW Daihatsu Model 6DK-18, 6-Cylinder engines and 4 units of Nishishiba Generator units, model NTAKL-SE units. Total outpu of 6000 KW.
2016 DENYO DCA-1100SPM Generators | MX Machinery
1) Stopped in January, 2021 2) Manufacturing year: 2016 3) Operation hours: 7225hours /7860 hours / 6203hours 4) There are some spare parts. 5) Maintenance carried out through 2020.
2012 DENYO DCA-600SPK Generators | MX Machinery
Used in very good conditions.
2013 DOOSAN-MAN 9L-21/31 Generators | MX Machinery
2013 GE 271R829 Generators | MX Machinery
6 NEW units. Generator electric panels were not originally purchased with the units but if the buyer requires the panels a Brand new Korean made generator panels will be acquired.
2008 GE J620GSF11 Generators | MX Machinery
Made by GE Jenbacher
2019 KAWASAKI PU3000 Generators | MX Machinery
New, Never Used 2019 Gas turbine generator. Uses A-Bunker Oil.
2004 MITSUBISHI 18 KU-30A Generators | MX Machinery
Consisting of two units of Gas engine generator sets. Engine Mitsubishi 18-KU-30A engines and Nishishiba 5700 KW.
1998 MITSUBISHI 18 KU-30A Generators | MX Machinery
39 MW 1998 generator set including 7 units of 5650 KW. Engines are Mitsubishi 18KU30A and the generators are 5650 KW Toshiba 50 Hz. Fuel: C-Bunker, A-Bunker, HFO Unit has roughly 20K hours and sto...
2004 MITSUBISHI KU30GA Generators | MX Machinery
A 30 MW Power plant consisting of 4 x 5500 KW units of Mitsubishi 18KU30GA Natural Gas Engines. Four (4) units of 2005 Nisishiba Generator sets manufactured in 2005 (60Hz, 6,111 kVa, 3-phase). La...
2011 MTU 20V4000 G43 Generators | MX Machinery
Frequency is 60Hz, NOT 50Hz. 2 unit manufacturing year is 2011. 1 unit manufacturing year is 2008.
2011 MTU 12V4000G43 Generators | MX Machinery
Three unused units. 2 x YOM 2011 and 1 x YOM 2008. Sold separately or as a lot.
1995 WESTINGHOUSE W50-1D5 Generators | MX Machinery
The plant consists of: 100MW x 5units(=500MW) Gas Turbine Generator +150MW x 2units(=300MW) Steam Turbine Generator (60Hz). Sold as a complete plant or individually.